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Monday, 18 November 2019

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Flash 5 - Speed McGee debuts

Wally West has to deal with the angry husband of one of the many women he is fooling around with in the Baron, Guice, and Mahlstedt story from Flash 5 (Oct 87).

We meet Jerry McGee at the top of the issue. Tina is proposing that they get a divorce, and we find out Jerry knows about her interest in Wally West. He is over the top angry, though, and beats on his wife before heading out. 

Jerry McGee is also a scientist, and uses a steroid concoction he has created in order to give himself super speed. It also dulls his sensations, so McGee feels nothing when he accidentally runs face first into a wall.

Tina calls on Wally for help, and he brings her to his mansion. Two other subplots get going. One involves Wally's father, who also shows up at the mansion. He is having his own marital troubles, and even though Wally gave his father $500,000 from hiss lottery winnings, his dad is now broke. Also, Wally has to deal with angry and fearful neighbours, who are not happy about having a superhero in their community.

Speed McGee shows up at Wally's house that night, confronting Wally and his wife. He and the Flash fight, but Jerry doesn't feel any of Wally's punches, giving him the upper hand.

As the issue ends Jerry grabs his wife and runs from the house, slamming right into an oil refinery, causing it to explode.

Flash Annual 1 - the death touch

I have to admit, I really don't care for the Baron, Guice, and Mahlstedt story from Flash Annual 1. It's all about Wally West wanting to learn a technique called the death touch, which is pretty much exactly how it sounds.

He discovers the existence of the touch when he stops a robbery at a Chinese restaurant. The owner used it on one of the goons. The Flash asks the owner how he can learn the killing move, and the guy sends him off to Hong Kong to find the master who taught him.

Before he heads across the ocean, Wally stops at home to tell his new girlfriend, Connie, where he is going. Frances, then Tina, then Connie, all within the space of three months. It's a while before we see this one again, though.

The rest of the issue takes place in Hong Kong, with Wally training in martial arts, and getting involved with a Chinese martial artist who wants to kill her Hong Kong rival and bring the death touch back to the mainland. She winds up having sex with Wally as well, because why not?

Wally never does master the death touch, but he still helps defeat the Chinese woman and save the life of the Hong Kong master.

Flash 4 - Kilg%re vs the Flash

Baron, Guice, and Mahlstedt conclude the Flash's first outing against Kilg%re in issue 4 (Sept 87).

Wally West continues to strive against the Kilg%re, unmasking the entity's impersonation/cloning of the scientist. The Kilg%re has split itself between bodies, but has to drain a lot of energy in order to do so.

Wally doesn't seem to be missing Frances Kane very much, as he winds up in an embrace with Tina McGee. The fact that she is married doesn't seem to matter much to either of them.

Cyborg guests, helping Wally figure out a way to deal with the Kilg%re. Cutting off his power supply is really the only way to stop the entity spreading itself across the world, but that requires all the world's governments to agree and co-operate. Surprisingly, that proves pretty easy.

In the end, with its power cut off, the Kilg%re needs to merge the two bodies, human and mechanical, that it is inhabiting, but Wally keeps them apart. The Kilg&re just keeps growing and spreading, but it uses up all the energy it has drained, and simply runs out of fuel. It "dies" at that point, but will return down the road.

Flash 3 - Kilg%re debuts

Baron, Guice, and Mahlstedt give Wally West a brand new villain, Kilg%re, in Flash 3 (Aug 87).

Things take a turn for the worse for Wally West at the top of this issue. He returns to his mansion, only to find that Frances Kane has left him, needing some time to herself. She returns a few months down the road in Teen Titans Spotlight.

Wally has little time to spend being upset about this. He gets called to STAR Labs in Utah to get tested there, by scientists who think they might be able to help him get faster. He meets Tina McGee, and though she is older than Wally, and she is married, Tina finds herself interested in the hero.

But the main part of the story deals with an entity that, at first, only Wally is able to see, and then only when he is moving at super speed. This is the Kilg%re, a creature from another dimension that is able to take control of both metals and electrical impulses. It has no true body of its own, but fashions ones that it uses to fight the Flash.

There are some cute references to Max Headroom in the way the Kilg%re manifests, and it's certain;y an intriguing foe for the Flash, since it cannot be stopped just be taking down the body it is currently controlling. Kilg%re's motives are pretty standard, though, the old world domination game.

At one point Kilg%re severs the finger from one of the scientists, and at the end of the story Wally sees the scientist with his finger intact. He realizes Kilg%re has cloned the scientist's body, and is now inhabiting it.