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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Angel and the Ape 1 - Angel and the Ape begin

Angel and the Ape move from Showcase into their own book with the Nov/Dec 68 issue. John Albano, Bob Oskner and Henry Scarpelli produce this issue, which is really one of DC's humour series. The only reason I am covering it is that later continuity would pull the characters firmly into Earth 1.

The plot is more or less like a hero plot, though. Angel O'Day is not able to cover the bills with her Found Persons Agency, and Sam Simeon is no help. Angel decides to get a job as a go-go dancer.

A number of dancers at the club she works at have gone missing, and then later have shown up as mind controlled thieves. Sam does get concerned that this could happen to Angel, and, indeed, the evil scientist behind it all is aiming to make her one of his slaves.

The bad guys knock out Sam and bring him to the zoo. There is some mildly amusing stuff as Sam deals with the female apes, who are hugely attracted to his sophistication. Sam escapes, makes it back and saves Angel, and they fight off the go-go dancers until they manage to force the mad scientist to free them.


  1. This is an Eaeth-One comic? I though Angel was the half sister of Dumb Bunny, who was a member of the Inferior Five of Earth-12? Showcase #100 was later deemed non-canonical where all the Showcase characters appeared. And the Gorilla Grodd / Sam Simeon connection was post-Crisis when all Earths were mashed into one.

    1. Ah, I took Showcase 100 as canonical. Never read anywhere that it wasn't. That's what makes me put them on Earth-1.