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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Angel and the Ape 2 - Sam fakes his death

Sergio Aragones scripts Angel and the Ape 2 (Jan/Feb 69), while Bob Oskner stays on pencils, with Wally Wood joining him on inks.

I find this story mildly more amusing than the first one, basically because it gives Sam Simeon a good story arc. The main thrust of the plot has Angel O'Day getting kidnapped by the Bikini Gang, a criminal family of circus performers. Or a circus family of criminals, I suppose.

At any rate, the much better part of the issue deals with Sam's problems working as a comic book artist. DZ Comics is interested in hiring him away from Brain-Pix, so his editor at Brain-Pix tricks Sam into thinking he has killed a man.

Angel figures out how Sam is being conned into staying at Brain-Pix, and then Sam turns the tables on his editor, getting the police there and making it look like his editor has murdered him.

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