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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Angel and the Ape 3 - the Avarice murders

Oskner and Wally Wood put Angel O'Day and Sam Simeon into an And Then There Were None style story in Angel and the Ape 3 (March/April 1969).

Of course, it's all wildly over the top and played for comedy. This one almost works for me, if only because the story structure is enough to carry the silliness.

The house of the Avarice family looks wonderful, and the characters are vile enough that we enjoy seeing them all killed off.

Angel herself turns out to be related to the Avarice clan, which is why she was invited. She figures out that the cook is one of the killers.

The other was the family lawyer. Sam gets a subplot dealing with his crazy editor from the previous issue, but makes it to the house for the big finale.

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