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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Angel and the Ape 4 - Angel and the Ape read a fortune cookie, go on tv, and go on a date

With Angel and the Ape 4 (May/June 1969) the cover logo changes to Meet Angel and the Ape, though you almost miss the latter part of that. The style of the lettering makes the book match the Archie rip-off books DC was publishing at the time, Binky, Debbi's Dates, and such.

As well, the stories no longer are full length. Oskner and Wood have three tales in this issue, which makes them even more comedic. No, that's not really accurate. The lead story is filled with insulting Asian stereotypes, so it's not really comedic at all. It just thinks it is.

I was not a huge fan of this series before it lowered itself, and I really don't care for these later issues at all.

The second story has Angel and the Ape go on a tv interview show.

The announcer has a hard time understanding Sam's ape speech, and so Sam loses his temper and runs amok. Yup, that's the humour level here.

The last story has Angel and the Ape looking for a missing con man, while Angel decides to bring Sam along on a date.

The story is only 6 pages long, so it's not too much of a surprise that the date and the con man turn out to be the same guy.

I'm just going to jump right to the end of the run.

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