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Friday, 21 April 2017

Anthro 1 - Anthro begins

Anthro 1 (July/Aug 68) picks up the Howie Post story from the Showcase introduction a couple of months earlier.

At the end of that issue, Anthro and his younger brother, Lart, had succeeded in killing a mammoth. They were watched by a mysterious young woman, Embra, who plays a major role in this issue. She begins by attacking the two brothers, and Anthro winds up chasing after her.

It turns out the mammoth (serpent-nose they call it) that had been killed was Embra's pet, which she had raised since it's mother had been killed. Anthro is quite surprised that anyone would keep a mammoth as a pet, but the obvious attraction between the two means that he is apologetic about killing it.

While Anthro is with Embra, Lart deals with some hungry smaller animals who have been drawn by the carcass. That's all well and good until a nasty wolf-type creature, Kano, comes prowling. Lart does manage to kill Kano, but gets seriously wounded himself.

Anthro carries Lart back to his camp, and talks to his father, Ne-Ahn, about the woman he met. Ne-Ahn is sure Embra must come from the same tribe as Anthro's mother, and gives his approval for Anthro to marry her, as well as directions to their camp. When Anthro arrives, he learns that Embra is the daughter of the chief. Anthro must prove himself in a series of tests in order to win the right to her hand.

Anthro succeeds in the challenges, but then discovers that he has won the right to marry the eldest daughter, which is not Embra at all. As the issue ends, Anthro takes off running, with Embra in pursuit.

The story continues in the next issue.

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