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Friday, 21 April 2017

Anthro 2 - Lart heads for the cannibals

Howie Post continues his entertaining saga of a caveman family in Anthro 2 (Sept/Oct 68).

The story picks up from the previous issue, with Anthro on the run from the chief of the tribe that Embra belongs to. He is doing a pretty good job of getting away until he runs into a cave inhabited by a bear, who is none too happy about that.

Anthro then winds up running from the bear, but is rescued by Embra, who kills the beast. Although Embra cares for Anthro, she explains that she cannot marry until her elder sister does, and returns to her people.

Anthro returns back home, and learns that Lart has taken off. His younger brother had been very seriously wounded in the previous issue, and is no longer able to walk well. As this means he will never be able to hunt or fight, Lart feels he will be nothing but a burden, and decided to go off to where the cannibals live, and let them kill and eat him.

Anthro races after him, and catches up. That's fairly obvious, as Lart can barely walk. In this issue, a harsh winter has suddenly struck. Anthro fashions a crutch for Lart. Though the boy is initially reluctant to use it, he soon finds he is able to move around very well with it.

But by the time they reach their home, the cave has become besieged by ape-men. Usually herbivores, the harsh winter has turned them carnivorous, and they want the meat that the family is cooking. Anthro scares them off by rolling a giant snowball down a hill at them, and returns home. As the issue ends, we see the ape-men about to assault the cave again.

The story continues in the next issue.

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