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Friday, 21 April 2017

Anthro 4 - Lart rules a city

Howie Post explores a deadly red-headed matriarchy in Anthro 4 (Jan/Feb 69).

Anthro and his family are surprised to find that the people in the tropical city they have come across believe that Lart has been prophesied to lead them. The current queen, Flamma, seems ok with this, which is suspicious. But right off the bat she is playing up to Anthro, seeing how his younger brother admires him and listens to him.

On the one side, these people live in a decent city, with pyramidal temples and proper baths. But the matriarchy is rigidly enforced. But there is another element to leadership as well, red hair. Men who have red hair are the only males allowed important positions, though the city is always ruled by a red haired queen. This will end now that Lart has arrived, according to the prophecy. Flamma intends to seduce Anthro, and though him rule Lart.

When Anthro refuses to get involved with Flamma, and Lart starts changing the rules, such as killing all outsiders, Flamma has Lart tricked into signing a death warrant for Anthro.

By this point Anthro has made friends with the oppressed males of the city, and a full out revolt begins. Flamma tries to throw Lart into the volcanic pyramid, as seen on the cover, but winds up falling in herself. Anthro and his family flee down a river as the issue ends.

The story continues in the next issue.

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