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Friday, 21 April 2017

Anthro 5 - so many coincidences

As much as I love the Anthro series, I have to admit that Howie Post goes overboard with the amount of coincidences in issue 5 (March/April 1969).

As usual, the story picks up directly from the conclusion of the previous issue, with Anthro and his family fleeing down a river. They wind up in some heavy rapids and spray, and Anthro falls off the raft and gets separated from the rest.

Anthro searches for his family, and winds up coming across members of the Bear Tribe, performing a "false hunt" ritual, the most common interpretation for cave paintings at the time this story was written. The tribe have the rule that any outsider who sees their sacred ritual must die, and Anthro winds up discovered, captured and knocked out.

He wakes up just as he is about to be executed. But as he speaks in the Bear Tribe tongue, the man holds off on killing him. Now is when the coincidences begin. The guy turns out to be the brother of Anthro's father, so his uncle. Now it's totally cool that Anthro saw the ritual, and they sit around and catch up, before going to look for his family.

As they depart, a woman gives Anthro an amulet. She is not named, but this is Nima, who will return in the following issue.

Ne-Ahn and Lart are out hunting, and Anthro and Ne-Ahn's brother find them remarkably fast. Lots of happy family bonding.

Then suddenly Ita shows up, Embra's older sister. It's like Picadilly Circus, prehistoric style. She explains that her family is also migrating south, but she got separated from the rest of them. Anthro takes Ita's horse, and rides off to find Embra.

The story continues in the next issue.

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