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Friday, 21 April 2017

Anthro 6 - Anthro ends

Wally Wood does the inks for Howie Post as Anthro comes to an end with issue 6 (July/Aug 69).

Having learned from Ita that Embra is near, Anthro goes looking for her, but instead finds a big scary white lion.

Anthro is saved from the lion by a giant Asian looking guy, Hoy Sen. Hoy Sen wanders off, but likely would have returned and become Anthro's sideekick had the series gone on. He has that gentle giant sidekick feel.

Anthro winds up falling into an animal trap, and is stuck there when Embra and her father come across him. They get Anthro out of the pit, but as they walk the father collapses, having been injured by the white lion. While Anthro helps carry him back to camp, the delirious man agrees to let Anthro marry Embra. A husband is found for Ita, and the double wedding begins.

At that point Nima, from the previous issue, shows up. The amulet she had given Anthro was a marriage pledge. Now there are two women with a claim to him. The laws of the tribe insist that the women fight to the death, with the winner getting the husband.

So Embra and Nima duke it out. They both wind up knocking the other one out, so the fight ends in a draw.

As the series comes to an end, it is decreed that Anthro will marry both women!

As another issue is billed on this last page, this was clearly not intended to be how the series resolved. It does make an unusual conclusion, though. Makes me think that, with two wives, he simply had no time for any adventures that could be printed in a G rated comic book.

Anthro would not be seen again until Showcase 100, in 1978. Ne-Ahn also cameos in that story. Embra and Lart have to wait until Crisis on Infinite Earths for their returns. We never do see Nima again. Maybe Embra got around to killing her later on.

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