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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Beware...the Creeper 1 - the Creeper begins

A couple of months after his introductory story in Showcase, Beware...the Creeper launches with its May/June 1968 issue, as Steve Ditko and Denny O'Neil continue the stories of the weirdly garbed super hero.

The story deals with a masked killer called the Terror. At the top of the story he kills a mob informant who had a meeting with Jack Ryder. Ryder gets a few names from the man before he dies, and sets out to find out who the Terror is, and stop him. We also get to meet Vera Sweet in this story, a weathergirl at WHAM TV, where Ryder works.

The story is really pretty basic, but the vibrant art and colours carry it.

The weathergirl tries to play up to Jack Ryder, but he is more interested in solving the case as the Creeper than in shepherding her.

The Creeper finally manages to stop the Terror, after figuring out he was the assistant to a private investigator, and blackmailing the criminals that his boss was chasing, killing them off before he could be exposed.

But the story ends with Vera Sweet furious at Ryder, and storming out. The opposite of the traditional way the hero gets the girl.

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