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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Beware...the Creeper 2 - Proteus debuts

Proteus, who would be the villain in every following issue of this book, makes his debut in Beware...the Creeper 2 (July/Aug 68), by O'Neil and Ditko.

The story has a great opening. Jack Ryder is watching a live broadcast about the Creeper at the WHAM TV studios, when he sees the Creeper enter and blow up the set, killing the announcer.

Ryder is assigned the job of bringing the Creeper in, which at least lets him track down whoever the killer really is. Vera Sweet is back in this story, telling the media that she and Ryder are getting married, though she is only doing it for the press attention, hoping it will land her a real husband, who will get jealous of the announcement.

Jack becomes the Creeper to follow a lead on the murder, and winds up being on the scene for another murder, but at least this time gets to see the killer, Proteus. Proteus has an all white, malleable face, and has used this to become a master of disguise.

At one point he impersonates Bill Brane, Jack's boss at WHAM, but Proteus does not do such a good job impersonating Vera Sweet, making a mistake when he refers to her mother, who died long before

Easily the best page in the whole story has the Creeper and Proteus fighting in front of a billboard, making the most of the words describing the sounds of a fight. Proteus gets away at the end, and the Creeper is not able to clear his name. This gives the element of the Creeper being wanted by the police, which will remain a major part of the concept even after this series ends.

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