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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Beware...the Creeper 4 - Yogi Bizerk

Ditko and O'Neil continue the hunt for Proteus in Beware...the Creeper 4 (Nov/Dec 68).

Jack Ryder runs into a woman who is freaking out over seeing a man change his face, and heads into the building she came out of. He comes across Yogi Bizerk, a cult leader. His followers prove to be drugged into obedience, but the Creeper cannot tell which of them might be Proteus, and winds up having to flee.

As he heads back home, Jack Ryder's apartment gets blown up, and Proteus is nice enough to leave a note saying he did it.  Jack's boss, Bill Brane, is still on his case about finding Proteus, and I really ought to have mentioned in the previous issue that Jack's new roommate, Rip Cord, has also joined the search.

Jack also gets "help" from two agents from the nation of Offalia. They explain that Proteus was once the Secretary of State from their nation. Yogi Bizerk is actively working with the villain.

It turns into a very dark issue. The Offalians are working with Proteus as well,as is a biker gang, and though all the Creeper really wants is information, Bizerk and the Offalians all winding getting killed. And the Creeper is no closer to finding his prey.

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