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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Blackhawk 113 - The Jailer debuts

The Blackhawks get a new enemy, the Jailer, in a Dillin and Cuidera story from Blackhawk 113 (June 1957).

The villain is named Mr. Gaol, and comes from a family of jailers, going hundreds of years back. When he presents plans for a new jail and gets laughed at, he completely loses his shit, and starts wearing a garish costume. 

The Jailer captures Andre and Olaf, and uses them as bait to get Blackhawk, who he places in a flying cage, as per the cover.  Blackhawk gets free and defeats the Jailer, and the story has a pretty downer ending, as it turns out it was all a huge misunderstanding, that it was another man's designs that were being laughed at, not Mr. Gaol's. Too late now!

The Jailer returns the following year.

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