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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Blackhawk 114 - the Mole debuts, and Blackie grows to giant size

Blackie the Hawk becomes a danger on the cover of Blackhawk 114 (July 1957)

As usual, all three stories in this issue are by Dillin and Cuidera, but I am only going to be talking about two of them. The second tale in the issue introduces another new villain for the team, the Mole.

The Mole has been using his special digging machine to kidnap strong miners. Blackhawk and his team find the Mole's underground lair, but just wind up getting captured and put to work for him, helping with his new super digging machine.

The Mole's master plan has been to rob Fort Knox by burrowing in from below. Blackhawk manages to screw up the digger's navigation system, bringing the Mole up inside a prison instead of Fort Knox.

The Mole returns the following year.

The cover story deals with a village trapped by floodwaters in a valley. No one is able to reach the people to rescue them.

Blackhawk just happens to have an enlarging ray, and uses it on Blackie the Hawk. Then Blackie eats all the villagers. Ok, he doesn't, but that's more likely than the giant bird flying the people to safety on his back.

Blackie suddenly seems to go berserk, and starts stealing things. The Blackhawks figure out that this is actually a robot bird, not their pet. They destroy the robot, and find the men who were controlling it, and who had kidnapped the, now normal size, Blackie.

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