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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Blackhawk 117 - Mr. Freeze attacks the Blackhawks

Years before Batman would face a similarly named villain, the Blackhawks would go up against Mr. Freeze in the cover story from issue 117 (Oct. 57), by Dillin and Cuidera.

The story begins as the Blackhawks test out a number of new inventions, including an aqua-tank, a mechano-man, and a freeze gun. The gun works the best, but then gets stolen from its inventor by a masked man, Mr. Freeze, who uses it to ice up the Blackhawks' airplanes, and escape.

The inventor joins the Blackhawks as they try to stop Mr. Freeze, who goes on a crime spree. Blackhawk notices that Mr. Freeze, instead of escaping with the loot from an armoured car robbery, turns and starts spraying the air around him after Blackhawk grabs the inventor's arm, and figures out that Mr. Freeze is really a robot being controlled by the inventor, who is using it to commit crimes without becoming a suspect.

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