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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Blackhawk 142 - King Condor debuts

The Blackhawks get an aerial equivalent to Killer Shark in issue 142 (Nov. 59), King Condor, thanks to Dillin and Cuidera.

King Condor dresses like an orange version of his namesake, and constructs a small army of robotic birds that he sends out to attack and damage airplanes, steal from them, blow themselves up, and dive bomb pursuers. It's really quite impressive. Must have cost him a lot to build all these, which is probably why he turned to crime.

King Condor's mistake is kidnapping Blackie the Hawk. Blackie is able to send out an alert on the radio, letting the Blackhawks know where King Condor's base is, and then shorts out the control panel for all the robot birds.

It's a good enough debut story to bring him back, and King Condor returns the following year.

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