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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Blackhawk 143 - Lady Blackhawk's rival, and the devolution ray

Dillin and Cuidera do the art on both the stories from Blackhawk 143 (Dec. 59) that I will be looking at.

Lady Blackahwk returns in the first story in the issue. Now an honourary member, Zinda Blake is suddenly given romantic feelings for Blackhawk.

The Blackhawks are flying over the country of Xenovia when they wind up getting shot down and captured by Penelope, the queen of that land. She mistook them for an invasion force sent by her enemy, the Iron Duke.  Penelope takes an interest in Blackhawk, and Lady Blackhawk, who comes to the aid of the team, gets very upset by this. Her thought balloons are the first indication of her true feelings for Blackhawk.

The Blackhawks help Penelope and her people fight off the real invasion, but the suspense lies in Lady Blackhawk's heart. Will Blackhawk fall for Queen Penelope? Even though the ending leaves that up in the air, the fact that Penelope never appears again renders it moot.

The cover story deals with a pair of thieves who steal a devolution ray. When the Blackhawks pursue them, the bad guys fire the machine, which turns a lizard into a dinosaur.

The thieves also wind up creating a giant squid with the machine, and it's a good thing there are seven members to the Blackhawks, as they split up to prevent the two monsters from causing destruction, and also catch the bad guys. They reverse the ray, and turn the scary monsters back into harmless little beasts.

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