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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Blackhawk 146 - the Scorpion debuts

Sheldon Moldoff does the inks on the Dick Dillin cover story for Blackhawk 146 (March 1960), which introduces a new recurring villain for the team, the Scorpion.

The Blackhawks gain another enemy with a love of robotic animals. This one, the Scorpion, builds giant sized versions of insects which he uses in his crimes.

It makes for some great visuals, although we don't actually get to see very much of the villain himself, in his nifty Scorpion costume, as he is usually inside one of the giant insect machines. The story is pretty straightforward, with the Blackhawks only succeeding because the Scorpion leaves his plans lying around for them to read, and Blackie the Hawk flies into the caterpillar machine to mess up the controls.

The Scorpion returns two years down the road.

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