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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Blackhawk 147 - Lady Blackhawk's movie, and the Blackhawks of the future

Dillin and Moldoff do the art on both of the stories from Blackhawk 147 (April 1960) that I will be discussing.

Lady Blackhawk gets a role in a movie in the first story, playing herself, it seems.

The producer and publicity agent are making the most of having her in the film, placing emergency calls to the Blackhawks, supposedly from her, which bring all the guys out to help, even though there is no looming disaster. After a couple of these false alarms, Blackhawk and the guys get really pissed at Lady Blackhawk, even though Zinda insists she has nothing to do with the fake calls.

Of course, towards the end of the story she really does need to call on the Blackhawks to help her against the Spear-Master. The guys think this is another publicity ruse, until they see her automated plane, flying along full of spears. They come out and rescue her. All in all, not one of Lady Blackhawks better outings.

I also cannot really rave about the cover story from this issue.

Blackhawk and his buddies are working to stop a theft from a lab, when a chemical explosion knocks Blackhawk unconscious - or does it transport him through time? Blackhawk believes that he winds up in the future, and meets three members of the future version of the Blackhawks.

They have all manner of advanced weaponry, but when the three get captured, Blackhawk resorts to using his old reliable stuff to get them to safety. Then he either travels back in time, or just wakes up. As far as the other Blackhawks were concerned, their leader just got knocked out for a minute.

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