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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Blackhawk 151 - Lady Blackhawk gains super powers

Dillin and Moldoff give Lady Blackhawk super-powers in the cover story from Blackhawk 151 (Aug. 60).

The Blackhawks are in pursuit of the evil Baron Brane when they come across Lady Blackhawk, flying towards them. She explains that she had already cornered Brane, who used a machine that wound up endowing both of them with super powers. Baron Brane manages to keep Zinda at bay and flee from the Blackhawks, but then Lady Blackhawk lifts the entire team, and flies them all to his hideout.

Brane hits Zinda with a beam that seems to take away her powers. It's a good thing for the Blackhawks that they are all wearing parachutes! It turns out that Baron Brane has lost his powers as well. The beam did not take away Lady Blackhawk's powers, they simply wore off, the same way Brane's did. He was just trying to con them into thinking he still had his.

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