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Friday, 7 April 2017

Blackhawk 161 - Lady Blackhawk betrays the team, and Blackhawk gains electrical powers

Blackhawk gains super powers in issue 161 (June 1961), but that's the second of the two stories I will be talking about, and actually the third story in the book itself.

Lady Blackhawk is back in the first story in the issue, by Dillin and Moldoff.

The Blackhawks are in a small European country, Belgovia, in this story, guarding the crown jewels and treasures while they are on display. One of the objects is a magic wand, and it gets used by one of the Belgovians to put Lady Blackhawk under a spell. 

With her running interference, the villain's men loot the treasures, and keep defeating the Blackhawks. The heroes eventually figure out what is going on, and trail Zinda back to the man controlling her. They destroy the wand, freeing her from the spell, and restore the jewels.

The cover story is by Dillin and Moldoff, and one of the more preposterous.

Blackhawk is parachuting from his plane during a storm, gets hit by lightning that rebounds off of a meteor. The combination of these effects winds up endowing him with lighting bolt powers. These powers turn out to be more of a curse than a blessing, as they drain his life force each time he uses  them.

Of course, situations keep arising where he has to use them to save the rest of the team. The doctor theorizes that the meteor might be able to help cure Blackhawk, and the team starts searching for it, but it gets found by a criminal, Tankman.

The climax of the story is just absurd. Tankman gets the meteor, so the doctor fires an electrical bolt at him, to replicate Blackhawk's situation. Then Blackhawk approaches the man, and they wind up neutralizing the meteor/lightning bolt effect.

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