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Friday, 7 April 2017

Blackhawk 163 - the thieving count and the living statues

The ridiculous scene pictured on the cover of Blackhawk 163 (Aug. 61) serves as the climax for the final story in the issue.

Dillin and Cuidera serve up another Lady Blackhawk tale in this issue, which once again goes the romance route.

It begins as the Blackhawks deal with a thief who they believe is the Count of Moravia, though when they make the accusation they wind up booted out of the country. The count is looking for a secretary, so the Blackhawks get Zinda Blake to apply for the post.

So Lady Blackhawk becomes the count's secretary, and starts spying on him for the team. The more time she spends with him, the harder it is for her to believe he is the thief. And the count falls for Zinda, and starts showering her with presents.

Zinda finds the stolen treasures, but also a photograph revealing that the count has an evil twin. The twin is exposed as the thief, the Blackhawks are vindicated, and Zinda bids farewell to the count, even though he is still smitten with her.

Dillin and Moldoff deliver the cover story, which is as absurd as it looks.

The Blackhawks are chasing a bad guy, Mysto, who stumbles across a cave guarded by two giant statues. The cave once belonged to the Egyptian mystic Ka-Ru, and Mysto finds a gem Ka-Ru used to animate and control the statues. Mysto brings the statues to life, and sends them after the Blackhawks.

Blackhawk himself winds up making it into the cave, learning the secret of the statues. He also takes a pair of wings that Ka-Ru created, and using them gets the gem away from Mysto. Blackhawk crushes the gem, which makes the statues turn to dust. Then it's easy to round up Mysto.

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