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Friday, 7 April 2017

Blackhawk 181 - Ultra the super-robot, and the Tom Thumb Blackhawk debuts

France Herron scripts the Dillin and Cuidera story that features on the cover of Blackhawk 181 (Feb. 63).

The story deals with a criminal scientist who has developed a really impressive shape changing robot. It can grow extra legs, change its body to allow it to fly and burrow, has lasers and all sorts of defenses.

The Blackhawks try to stop the robot, but it catches them in wire mesh and puts the heroes inside its body, bringing them to its creator. Ultra wants to have robots of its own, and after falling off a cliff, decides to turn on its creator.

So the villain winds up working with the Blackhawks, using multiple magnetic rays to tear Ultra apart, before the robot can send its own robot army against them.

The second story in the issue is by Wood, Dillin and Moldoff, and introduces Tiny Big, a midget who idolizes the Blackhawks.

Tiny Big happens to be on the scene when the Blackhawks face off against some hoods at the waterfront, and helps the heroes. The media make a big deal out of him, taking pictures of him with Blackhawk's hat and coat on, labelling Tiny Big the Tom Thumb Blackhawk.

Tiny decides he wants to join the Blackhawks for real, but winds up screwing up one of their plans. Later, he makes up for this by coming to their rescue when the team are captured and put into a giant vat of cider, in order to kill them.

The Blackhawks appreciate the save, but still don't want Tiny on their team. To be fair, would he be large enough to fly a plane? It doesn't look like it, from the way he is drawn. But by the end, Tiny is content to have his own star billing as the Tom Thumb Blackhawk as he performs for a circus.

The Tom Thumb Blackhawk returns the following year.

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