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Friday, 7 April 2017

Blackhawk 185 - Blackie vs Bravo, and the Blackhawks get trapped in another dimension

Dave Wood, Dillin and Cuidera are the team on both of the stories from Blackhawk 185 (June 1963), which is a truly awful issue.

The first story in the issue brings together the two Blackhawk mascots, Blackie the Hawk, and the monkey Bravo.

The two are jealous of each other, each fighting to be the sole mascot that the Blackhawks take with them to go fight crime and stop aliens and such. In this case, they are dealing with victims of a flood, but the animals are more concerned with trying to outdo each other.

Looters cause problems for the team, even capturing the Blackhawks. Yes, this crack paramilitary squad get caught by a bunch of random looters. Lucky for them, Bravo and Blackie put aside their differences to save their human masters. 

Just awful.

Bravo returns later in the year.

The cover story is twice as long as the lead one, which gives it time to be twice as bad.

OK, maybe that's not fair. The Blackhawks are chasing a human criminal when they wind up encountering one from another dimension. The alien, Dirg, sends Hendrickson, Andre, Chuck and Chop Chop to his dimension.

There, the four of them gain super powers, and round up the rest of Dirg's gang. Back on Earth, the remaining Blackhawks are having a much harder time dealing with Dirg and the Earth criminal.

In the other dimension, they find a transporter, but it can only send one person through it. Andre travels back, and helps the Blackhawks on Earth defeat Dirg, revealing his vulnerability to cold. The story ends with  cliffhanger. Chuck, Chop Chop and Hendrickson are all still trapped in the other dimension, and the Blackhawks have no idea how to get their teammates back.

The story concludes in the next issue.

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