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Friday, 7 April 2017

Blackhawk 186 - the Hoopster returns, and Lady Blackhawk's treasure hunt

Wood, Dillin and Cuidera conclude the other-dimensional storyline from the previous issue in Blackhawk 186 (July 1963).

While Chuck, Hendrickson and Chop Chop are still trapped in the other dimension that Dirg sent them to in the previous issue, the Blackhawks on Earth are busy dealing with the return of the Hoopster. Yes, that is as sad as it sounds.

In the other dimension, the trapped Blackhawks become super heroes, putting their new powers to use. They spend much of the issue trying to defeat the Mind Master, and eventually do so, using his mind reading helmet to learn the secret of transversing dimensions.

The Hoopster looks a lot different than he did in his first outing, and has far more impressive gear as well. His chamber of deadly hoops is effective enough to capture the various members of the Blackhawks still on Earth.

But Chop Chop, Chuck and Hendrickson arrive on Earth just in time to save their comrades, and defeat the Hoopster. This is, thankfully, the Hoopster's final appearance.

Lady Blackhawk gets a really entertaining story, by Dillin and Cuidera, as the back-up feature.  She sees a man, handcuffed to a suitcase, kidnapped, and follows him. This leads her into a globe spanning adventure, following clues to a dead mobster's treasure trove.

There are two differing sets of clues, and two rival gangs trying to find the stolen loot.

The other Blackhawks get cameos, but this is pretty darn close to a solo story for Zinda Blake, and shows off her cleverness and fighting skills. Probably her best outing so far.

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