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Friday, 7 April 2017

Blackhawk 188 - the falling giant

I'm getting to the point of really resenting some of these issues that I have to cover, but I decided to write up every appearance of Lady Blackhawk, so the Wood, Dillin and Cuidera story from Blackhawk 188 (Sept. 63) is getting blogged, no matter how dreadful it is.

A giant emerges from a big crack in the ground of Blackhawk Island, and marches off to get involved in a war between two tribes. He builds himself a raft and sails away, slapping the water with a paddle to prevent the Blackhawks from following him. But, you know, he's a giant, and they have airplanes. It's not too hard.

The Blackhawks learn that the giant is the result of a spell cast 100 years earlier, when two tribes were at war. He has finally emerged, but long after the tribal warfare has any meaning. So now he is just destructive. The witch doctor of the tribe has a brew that causes the giant to fall down whenever he inhales it, and that happens a few times during the course of the story.

The giant does make it to the tribe he is meant to kill. Lady Blackhawk pleads with him not to kill the others, and he decides peace is a good thing, and falls over yet again. This time he is dead. Good.

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