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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Blackhawk 190 - Blackie and Bravo save the team, and the Human Starfish

Blackhawk 190 (Nov. 63) is the last issue to contain three stories, all by Wood, Dillin and Cuidera. I will only be looking at two of them, though.

Bravo the Blackhawk chimp is back, and working with Blackie the Hawk, in the second story in the issue.

As the tale opens, we find out that Blackie and Bravo have both completed their "underwater trials." THAT is something I would have enjoyed seeing. What the bird was doing underwater really boggles the mind. Anyway, we don't get any sort of further explanation, Blackhawk just gives the two animals some time for relaxation. The animals almost immediately get found by some criminals, who use the signal on Bravo's belt to lure and trap the Blackhawks.

They steal the Blackhawk's costumes, and intend to impersonate them and rob a ship. The bird and monkey work together to free the Blackhawks from the cave the bad guys sealed them into, and even lead the attack against the Blackhawk impostors.

The Blackhawk animals are back in the next issue.

The cover story features a decently creepy villain, one who is so much more visually interesting than most of the enemies they deal with that I wish he had returned.

The Starfish Man was a thief who was hiding out, and got a job as a janitor at a laboratory/aquarium. In a sort of Jimmy Olsen moment, he mistook some water from a leftover experiment with drinking water, and ingested the fluid that turned him into a starfish-man. The Blackhawks piece all this together after they see him change back into normal human form, and them compare his picture with those of a wanted felon, and the missing lab assistant.

Then Blackhawk takes the same formula himself, so he can battle him starfish-man to starfish-man. With three stories in the issue, each is really fast, and this one could easily have had more development.

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