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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Blackhawk 192 - King Condor's legendary birds

Wood, Dillin and Cuidera bring back King Condor in Blackhawk 192 (Jan. 64).

King Condor manages to steal a sorcerer's scroll at the start of the story, which gives the locations for eggs for three legendary birds. This leads to a globe hopping chase with the Blackhawks, as King Condor hatches and takes control of the animals. The first is a roc, then a basilisk, followed by a thunderbird.

The story ascribes a variety of powers to these birds, although not ones that they actually had. For example, the thunderbird shoots lightning out of its feet. And the basilisk does not turn everything it looks at into stone.

The phoenix is the final bird that King Condor gets, although this is a living statue that, when assembled, will endow King Condor with immortality. Blackhawk manages to smash the statue before this happens. This also has the side effect of wiping out the three other birds.  

King Condor returns the following year.

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