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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Blackhawk 195 - the Element Man, and the Tom Thumb Blackhawk returns

Two more Dillin and Cuidera stories in Blackhawk 195 (April 1964).

The cover story sees the Blackhawks dealing with a miner exposed to a strange gas. This has given him the ability to change into different forms, and over the course of the tale he becomes a diamond creature, one of sulphur, and a meteoric one.

The Blackhawks don't defeat the creature so much as lead it back into the mine, where the same gas removes the man's powers. Total fluke.

The Tom Thumb Blackhawk, Tiny Big, makes his second and final appearance in the back-up story in this issue.

Stanislaus goes undercover as the Blackhawks work on breaking a smuggling ring connected to the circus. We briefly get to see Tiny Big in his Tom Thumb Blackhawk act, defeating a Killer Shark impersonator. It looks like it might be a fun act.

The smugglers are passing stolen goods through the prizes in a dart game. Stanislaus sucks at undercover work, and gets captured, Tiny Big is so small that he gets inside one of the dolls, replacing the stolen loot, and identifying the criminals when they open the doll. It's a risky move, so the guy definitely has courage. He frees Stanislaus, and together they take down the smugglers. I definitely prefer this to his first story.

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