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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Blackhawk 200 - Lady Blackhawk becomes Queen Killer Shark

Lady Blackhawk undergoes some changes of her own in the Drake, Dillin and Cuidera tale from Blackhawk 200 (Sept. 64).

Killer Shark is back, and has a serum by a dead scientist, which causes those who consume it to become nasty and violent.

He decides that the best use of this would be to kidnap Lady Blackhawk and give it to her, figuring that she would then work as an ally with him, and that this would cause huge torment to the Blackhawks. He is pretty much dead on with all of that, and Zinda Blake loses her memory as a result of the drug. Killer Shark crowns her Queen Killer Shark, and convinces her that the Blackhawks are their enemies.

Her first battle with the team ends with Zinda being captured. Blackhawk and the others are certain they can restore her memory, and bring her back to Blackhawk Island.

For a time it seems like they are succeeding, but this is all a game Zinda is playing with them, while she waits for the opportunity to take control of their weapons, including the good old War Wheel, which never gets enough use. The Blackhawks avoid being killed by her, and do manage to capture Killer Shark, but Queen Killer Shark gets away at the end.

Killer Shark and Queen Killer Shark return in a few months.

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