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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Blackhawk 216 - forcing the Blackhawks into a volcano

Haney, Dillin and Cuidera serve up another awful story in Blackhawk 216 (Jan. 66).

Killer Shark and Queen Killer Shark are back, which is really the only thing that makes it readable. The Blackhawks are summoned to a remote volcanic island by a dying inventor, and on the way get into an aerial battle with the Sharks. They shoot them down, and believe that they have killed them, although they are only sad about killing Zinda. On the island, the inventor explains where his three new weapons are, each one difficult to reach and booby trapped. The Blackhawks get the first one, but as they go after the second Killer Shark shows up, and steals the first one from them.

Killer Shark was really the inventor, who was already dead. He and Queen Killer Shark faked their deaths so that the Blackhawks would not suspect their involvement. Might have been easier just to, you know, hide until the Blackhawks were on the island, and not draw attention to themselves in the first place, but whatever. The pair force the Blackhawks to walk the bridge into the volcano, as seen on the cover.

The climax of the story is very silly, with a stone hand, one of the inventions, falling into the volcano but rising at the right moment to save the Blackhawks. The Sharks flee, leaving behind the other two inventions.

Killer Shark and Queen Killer Shark return a few months down the road, and that happens to also be the next issue I will be writing about, cause these suck.

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