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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Blackhawk 225 - Queen Killer Shark betrays everyone

Queen Killer Shark commands the cover and the Herron, Dillin and Cuidera story from Blackhawk 225 (Oct. 66).

Queen Killer Shark has crafted a big revenge plot against the Blackhawks, and Killer Shark is happy to see her scheming with him against her former teammates.

So he goes along with her plan, which begins with him getting captured by the Blackhawks, and then leading them into her trap. She cages up the Blackhawks, and at this they have no success in trying to remind her of her days as Lady Blackhawk.

But Queen Killer Shark has also decided that she is tired of playing second fiddle to Killer Shark, and has managed to get their evil crew onto her side. They toss Killer Shark into a tank, and then he and the Blackhawks wind up sealed into a sphere that she shoots off to circle the ocean for years, until the men are all dead.

Killer Shark built the sphere for an outer space crime he had been planning, and uses a secret escape hatch. The Blackhawks escape simply by ripping out all the controls and making it crash. At the end of the story they manage to capture both Killer Shark and Queen Killer Shark.

The pair return a few months down the road.

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