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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Blackhawk 228 - everyone hates the Blackhawks

The Haney, Dillin and Cuidera story in Blackhawk 228 (Jan. 67) is basically about how much the Blackhawks suck. You might think this would make for an off beat and entertaining issue. But no, it just sucks as well.

The first half of the story is devoted to the Blackhawks preparing to protect a criminal, Jolly Roger, and then one by one getting picked off as they do so. They are working to protect him to prevent massive destructive problems if he is killed, but it's both a lame explanation, and irrelevant in the long run.

Queen Killer Shark is the one that has been attacking the Blackhawks, part of a revenge plot by Killer Shark against Jolly Roger. Killer Shark is talked about in the story, and captured during it, but never really seen. He won't be seen again, either, until the 1976 revival of the book. Anyway, Zinda bangs her head while fighting with Blackhawk, and this restores her Lady Blackhawk personality.

Then the team find out that Jolly Roger is really a secret government agent, Mr. Delta. He has a mask face, just like Mr. Cipher did. To be honest, I actually had blurred them together in my mind, and thought they were the same person. They may as well be. The whole Jolly Roger mission was a scam, for him and Justice League members Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern to monitor the Blackhawks. They all agree, the Blackhawks suck.

The Blackhawks are really shocked and upset by all of this, and beg for a chance to prove themselves. So Mr. Delta pit them against a robot, the Champ, which beats them all.

So as the issue ends, the heroes and government all agree that the Blackhawks are useless and washed up. It might have been a good idea to cancel the book at this point, because what comes next is truly awful. I mean, I haven't enjoyed the stories in this book for a long time, but they are about to go so overboard in awfulness that they all but defy criticism.

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