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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Blackhawk 232 - Blackhawk clobbers Lady Blackhawk

Haney, Dillin and Cuidera continue the story of the Overlord's plot to kill the Blackhawks in issue 232 (May 1967).

Chop Chop, Olaf, Stanislaus and Andre are still on the ground, in their new super hero identities, which I basically refuse to refer to, fighting against the crime combine.

An anti-missile missile arrives on Blackhawk's bird-plane, sent by Hendricksen. Blackhawk is not sure it will work, and so he punches Lady Blackhawk right in the face in order to get rid of her, putting her into an escape hatch. When he sees that the combine's missile is not acting like a normal missile, he uses a claw device and pulls her back into the plane.

The Overlord himself is in the missile, and attacks Blackhawk, as seen on the cover. He has a bunch of rings that he fires, which pin down and choke the hero. Lady Blackhawk wakes up, takes down the Overlord, and revives Blackhawk. They start making out, so clearly she isn't too upset about the way he slugged her.

That basically finishes off the plot left over from last issue. The team create a new base in an iceberg, and then get called in to deal with stolen nerve gas.

That leads into the next issue, as the Fat Man has stolen the gas, and the Blackhawks have only one day to find the canister before it starts releasing it.

So yeah, this drags on into the next issue.

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