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Monday, 10 April 2017

Blackhawk 243 - the Blackhawks end

There is a great cover on Blackhawk 243 (Oct/Nov 68), but this final issue, by Haney and Boyette, is a dull step down from the previous issue, and never lives up to the cover.

The story deals with the young daughter of an inventor, who was killed by Communist agents. The girl knows the secret formulas that her father was working on, but refuses to divulge them.

The Blackhawks free the girl, and then go on a globe hopping chase, with would be killers dogging their trail.

Surprisingly, it remains a fairly dull story despite that. 

In the end they get the girl to safety, and once they agree to take her to the circus, she reveals her father's secrets. And that's about it. A yawner to go out on.

The Blackhawks are not seen again until the revival of this book, which continues the numbering, in 1976. The men are all back, but Lady Blackhawk is not. She is not seen again until Zero Hour, more than 25 years down the road.

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