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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Brother Power, the Geek 1 - Brother Power debuts

There were a number of unusual books and series that were launched by DC during the late 60s, but none so odd, or so evocative of the period, as Brother Power, the Geek, written and drawn by Joe Simon, which debuted with the Sept/Oct 68 issue.

The insanity begins on the very first page, with a character list that includes the "actors" playing the various roles. I love Nick playing Paul, and Paul playing Nick.

These two "lazy hippies," as they are referred to, are living in constant battle with an evil biker gang. Nick gets beaten up, and when they get back home he washes his clothes, and leaves them on a dummy to dry. There is some leaking oil next to the dummy, which then gets hit by lightning. All these amazing factors combine to bring the dummy to life! Of course they do!

The dummy is, in his own words, "grooved with a million swinging volts," and sets out to explore his city.

Sadly, he comes to the attention of the Psychedelic Circus Parade, showing off his amazing strength by lifting a float so that it can be repaired. In fact, this is all a trap by the Circus, and they capture the dummy.

Nick and Paul get concerned when he doesn't come back, and find the dummy has been enslaved, forced to work in a freak show. The pair, who have acquired some fighting skills in their constant battles with the biker gang, fight off the other members of the show and bring their buddy back home.

At this point Cindy gets involved. She adds some make-up to the dummy, as well as some new clothes. Christened Brother Power, the hippies decide to run him for president. And, as current US politics has shown, Americans will vote for pretty much anything, so he probably stood a good chance of winning.

But that nasty biker gang get involved again. The cover scene takes place, a confrontation between the Mongrels and Brother Power. They try to run him down, but he is strong enough to knock over the motorcycle instead. Grabbing it, Brother Power rides off, and crashes through the rail of a bridge, falling into a river as the debut issue ends.

And things are just getting started! I just love this book. as awful as it is.

The story continues in the next issue.

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