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Monday, 24 April 2017

DC Special 1 - DC Special begins with an All-Infantino reprint issue

DC Special was not the first DC comic dedicated to reprints, but it is the first one I will be covering in this blog. 80 Page Giant had run for a number of years before this. It was, essentially, much like the annuals from the 1960s, reprint books featuring stories centring on one character. There had also been a Secret Origins one shot reprint book. DC Special, which began with the Oct/Dec 68 issue (yes, that is not a mistake), instead chose to feature one artist, Carmine Infantino, and included stories of Batman, the Flash, Adam Strange, Detective Chimp, as well as tale from the Brave and the Bold run of Strange Sports Stories.

But that's not why this series has made the cut. In a handful of issues there was new material printed, as well as the reprints, usually as an introduction or a framing sequence. One issue would even feature an unpublished story from the 1940s.

I will be skipping over issue 2, which cover featured Binky, and included reprints from a number of DC's teen humour books, including Leave it to Binky, Everything Happens to Harvey, and Date With Judy, among others.

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