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Monday, 24 April 2017

DC Special 3 - an unpublished Wonder Woman story

DC Special 3 (April/June 1969) was an "all-girl" issue, and reprinted stories of Supergirl and Black Canary, as well the first Star Sapphire story from Green Lantern, and a science fiction tale from  Strange Adventures, with some lovely Alex Toth art, about a girl who was also an alien flower.

But the issue also contained a 1940s Wonder Woman story, with art by Harry Peter, that had never before been published.

The story has a judge demand that Priscilla Rich, the Cheetah, be brought back from Reform Island to the US, so that she can claim an inheritance. Priscilla fears that without the Amazon's Venus Girdle to control her, she will revert to her villainous alter ego. Paula Von Gunther accompanies Priscilla, and uses a jewelled circlet to keep control of her prisoner. But, as tends to happen, this doesn't work as planned. Priscilla steals the circlet, and uses it to control Paula's mind, enabling her to escape.

The Cheetah gets Paula under her mental control, and then, by using the circlet, creates a small army of Cheetahs, using the Holliday Girls. Etta Candy sends an alarm to Wonder Woman, but by the time she arrives, it is too late.

The Cheetah pulls off some pretty elaborate stuff using the hypnotic gemstone, and her army of subordinates. making an audience think they are watching performers onstage, when really the women are off robbing the homes of the audience members. Wonder Woman confronts the Cheetah, who makes the heroine believe that the villain has shrunk her. It's a rare tale, in which Steve Trevor gets to play the hero, shooting the circlet and destroying the gem, to free Wonder Woman from the Cheetah's control.

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