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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Inferior Five 2 - the Inferior Five take on the not-quite-but-almost-Fantastic Four

Bridwell, Sekowsky and Esposito have fun with the second issue of Inferior Five (May/June 1967), although for me the cover gag doesn't really work. The background is sideways. Once one reads that caption, and looks again, it becomes clear. But at first glance it's just odd and messy looking.

The other element that doesn't work for me is the guy who wants to write a theme song for the Inferior Five. He performs the songs that he has written for the Justice League, Challengers of the Unknown, Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, Legion of Super-Heroes, Sea Devils and Metal Men. The songs are all to US university songs, which I realize are something Americans know, but I have no idea of. Without the tunes, the lyrics fall pretty flat. He pops up throughout the story trying to sell the Inferior Five a song. As for Merryman, Dumb Bunny, Awkwardman, Blimp and White Feather, their primary goal in the issue is to find a headquarters.

But none of that is the real core of the story. Instead, we get introduced to a variation of the Fantastic Four, the Kookie Quartet, who gain the powers of the Marvel heroes after an experiment backfires.

The villains in the story are also Marvel based, with size changing belts that effectively make them Giant Man and the Wasp. All the characters are recognizable enough that the comedic elements of the story work fairly well.

Together the two teams are competent enough to defeat the pair of villains, but then the Five and the Quartet get into a fight over who gets to bring the bad guys in.

The Inferior Five get aided in this by a surprise cameo by Plastic Man, currently starring in his own DC comic, which I just had to skip over. He resents Mr. Manplastic of the Kookie Quartet stealing his gig.

And the issue ends with the Inferior Five buying a run down western town as their base.


  1. The Kookie Quartet return in Inferior Five #10 along with other Marvel parodies the Cobweb Kid and the Sub-Moron.

    1. oh! haven't got that far yet :) This is the first time I am reading most of these!