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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Inferior Five 4 - The Inferior Five meet Thor

The Inferior Five meet Thor and the Norse gods in issue 4 (Sept/Oct 67), in a story by Bridwell, Sekowsky and Esposito, which I think might be a lot more enjoyable if I knew more about either the Norse gods or the Marvel version of them. Maybe not.

The story opens in Valhalla. Odin is getting bored seeing the same old faces all the time, and sends the Valkyries to Earth to bring some new heroes there. Considering Thor is so prominent on the cover, it takes a long time before he is actually part of the story. None of the Norse gods resemble their Marvel counterparts, but I suppose that sort of had to be the case, to avoid copyright infringement, since the names were public domain.

Thor himself looks nothing like the Marvel hero, and at the start the differences are highlighted by the story. But then Thor returns to Earth with Merryman, White Feather, Blimp, Dumb Bunny and Awkwardman.

The story picks up at this point. Odin gives Thor the ability to change his identity by banging his hammer on the ground, and he tries out a few before deciding on the baseball player. His skill with the hammer - now a bat - gets him signed to a ball club, which, at the end of the story, means that he is unable to return to Valhalla, because of his contract.

Loki shows up for a couple of pages towards the end of the story, and that kicks it into high gear for the climax.

Thor returns a few months down the road.

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