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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Inferior Five 6 - the Inferior Five at the DC offices

Despite the huge amount of heroes on the cover of Inferior Five 6 (Jan/Feb 68), only one of those pictured actually appears in the Bridwell, Sekowsky and Esposito story.

And of all people, it's Robin. He tries to stop a young lad, who the narration refers to as the Boy Wonder, from being the central character for the story, but gets taken down by a lollipop.

The boy comes to the DC offices, and the story is really all about the creation of this issue of Inferior Five. Merryman, Dumb Bunny, Awkwardman, Blimp and White Feather do appear, but do very little in the issue. Mostly we follow the DC staffers, Bridwell, Sekowsky and Esposito, and the other they try to enlist in putting the issue together, including Julius Schwartz, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane and Robert Kanigher.

The issue feels far more like Ambush Bug than any other Inferior Five story. Perhaps it's just because this pre-dates me and my comic book life, but I don't find it nearly as funny as when Ambush Bug did similar things.

Towards the end of the tale, when they need a villain for the issue, Dr. Sivana shows up. He's not called that, but it's pretty obvious that Captain Marvel's arch enemy is who we are looking at. DC had not yet purchased the Fawcett characters, but was already playing around with them, as with Zha-Vam in Superman. At any rate, this is Dr. Sivana's first appearance in a DC book, and the first time he had been seen since Fawcett dropped its super heroes in the 50s.

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