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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Inferior Five 7 - almost-but-not-quite Thor, Sub-Mariner, Iron Man and Spider-Man

The cover proclaims that issue 7 is the New Inferior Five (or 5), and thought Bridwell continues to script, the art changes hugely, with Win Mortimer and Tex Blasidel taking the reins.

In general (and moreso in the next two issues, which I am skipping) the series ditches satire for comedic adventures for Merryman, Awkwardman, White Feather, Blimp and Dumb Bunny. This story maintains a touch of that, though, as it brings back Thor, and adds some other Marvel characters. The overall plot has the Inferior Five chasing a mugger down into the sewers. While down there, they run into Thor, who is complaining about a comic book contract that a guy named Stanley has signed him to. The Inferior Five give him a makeover, resulting in Thor becoming a blond.

As they continue to pursue the mugger they run into all manner of characters, including Nabob the Sub Moron, who is also hunting for Thor for Stanley.

Iron Pants, also looking for Thor.

And Cobweb Kid. These bits are the best part of the book. After that, it switches briefly into a silly murder mystery, and then the villain, disguised as the old lady on the cover, uses a machine to steal the powers of the Inferior Five, but in fact takes their weaknesses. The Five are then competent and able to defeat the villain, but return to their old selves at the conclusion.

Nabob and Cowbweb Kid return in a couple of months.

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