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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Meet Angel 7 - Angel and the Ape end with a whole whack of short stories

With the final issue (Nov/Dec 69) the title of the book changes to simply Meet Angel. Poor Sam Simeon doesn't even get shown in the cover image, which has no connection to any of the eight stories in the issue, which are primarily by Oskner and Wood.

It's a bit of a chore to go through this issue, which has descended to lame comedy throughout. The first story introduces an aunt for Angel O'Day, who happens to be a thieving witch.

Because that's just not funny enough, there is an invisibility formula in the tale as well.

With so many stories in the issue, none of them run for very many pages. Sam Simeon is featured in a few of them, despite being dropped from the title.

In the second story, we even get to see his crazy editor again.

The only one of the tales that I actually enjoy has Angel and the Ape hired by a millionaire to find out who is robbing his house at night.

The pair go undercover as a maid and butler, and determine that the man is robbing himself while sleepwalking.

Some of the stories are not even a page long, so I'm not going to stress about including them all.

Which allows me to get to the nearly the end, and a tale in which the duo is hired to protect a cat that has inherited millions.

The cat survives a number of murder attempts by frustrated potential heirs, until Angel buys a whole bunch of identical cats, so no one will know which one to kill.

Art Saaf does the art on the final story in the issue, a one pager that gives the attention to Sam Simeon. He leaves the office to spend a quiet day in the woods, but gets captured by Boy Scouts. Oh, the hilarity.

Angel and the Ape next appear in a Limited Collector's Edition Christmas with the Super-Heroes, in 1975. I suspect that the story in that volume was intended for an earlier issue of this book, as it has the original creative team.

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