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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Metamorpho 13 - Element Girl returns to life

Element Girl is back in the Haney, Trapani and Paris story from Metamorpho 13 (July/Aug. 67).

The story picks up from the conclusion of the previous issue. Simon Stagg accidentally set off the nucleonic moleculizer projector, which causes Metanorpho's powers to go out of control. Zorb and his Chemo-Robots are able to get the device away from Metamorpho and Stagg, and gets away.

Metamorpho and Stagg head back to the lab, in the ruins of the house. Stagg is hoping to revive Element Girl and have her work with them, but by the time they get there, she has come back to life on her own, and taken off. No real reason is given for Element Girl's return to life, aside from the fact that the readers wanted it. This is possibly what inspired Neil Gaiman to make her so unkillable when he brought her character back in Sandman. Anyway, Element Girl heads off to Zorb and offers to join him. She seems to be very aware of everything going on, despite having been dead and all. She claims to want revenge on Metamorpho for rejecting her.

But of course, Metamorpho didn't reject her, he called off the wedding to Sapphire Stagg! But that's ok, Element Girl was lying to Zorb, just to get near him, the robots and the deadly machine. When Metamorpho shows up he is surprised when Element Girl saves him from one of the robots, and then together they take down the robots and Zorb, and retrieve the machine. The story ends with Stagg happily proclaiming that Metamorpho and Element Girl are now a team.  Sapphire and Java had only very small roles in this one, and Sapphire is not around when he father makes the proclamation at the end.

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