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Monday, 3 April 2017

Metamorpho 6 - Metamorpho steals the Eiffel Tower

Mike Esposito joins Haney and Orlando for a very entertaining tale in Metamorpho 6 (May/June 1966).

As the cover promises, the story opens as Metamorpho melts down and steals the Eiffel Tower, and then goes into an extended flashback to show how this wound up coming about.

Simon Stagg, his daughter Sapphire, Metamorpho and Java went off on a European vacation, and Stagg hit the casinos. He winds up wagering, and losing, Metamorpho in a bet with Achille LeHeel.

Metamorpho is none too keen on being "lost" in a bet, and when LeHeel orders him to steal the Eiffel Tower, he refuses. LeHeel then takes Stagg hostage, forcing Metamorpho to steal not only the Tower, but also the Taj Mahal.

Stagg escapes, with information on his body (literally) of LeHeel's criminal dealings, and then gets captured again, along with Sapphire. Metamorpho has to work with both Java and Stagg to bring down LeHeel. This is a bit more like a "normal" super hero story, I suppose, which might be why I enjoy it a bit more. Metamorpho stories do tend towards weirdness for the sake of weirdness.

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