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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Phantom Stranger 9 - Obeah Man

Sekowsky scripts the Aparo story in Phantom Stranger 9 (Sept/Oct 70), with a Neal Adams cover.

Dr. Thirteen is down in the Caribbean, and is called on to help the president of that country, after his assistant is killed and voodoo threats are being made.

The President brings Thirteen out to the area where the Obeah Man and his followers are holding their rituals. Dr. Thirteen uses the ride to tell his own story, about a man who believed he was under a voodoo curse, but was really being manipulated by his greedy nephew.

Along the drive, Dr. Thirteen spots the four kids. You thought they were gone, didn't you? Nope, they are back to just kind of hang around throughout this story. They do work well to distract Thirteen and the president, though, allowing the Phantom Stranger to suddenly appear in the limo.

Other than that, this is a really straightforward tale. The good guys head out to the voodoo camp. Phantom Stranger confronts the Obeah Man, who is being aided by Tala. Her appearance is as unneeded as the kids.

I think my favourite panel of the entire story is the final one. The Phantom Stranger defeats the Obeah Man and vanishes. The president of the island nation credits the Stranger, not Dr. Thirteen, and Terry is left futilely cursing the Stranger.  Tala takes a few issues off after this story.

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