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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Plastic Man 1 - another Quality Comics series I am missing!

Well this just sucks. At least I had Blackhawk, even though I didn't put it on my little hard drive. It appears I have absolutely no issues of Plastic Man, though, his 60s run or his 70s one. Not that either run was particularly good. They sort of failed to capture the craziness of the Jack Cole series that had become a mainstay at Quality Comics, and continued running until DC bought the characters from that company.

So I just have to skip it. It ran for only 10 issues, and then there was a 70s revival, which I will acknowledge, which ran another 10 issues. Gee, it would be awesome if someone has scans of these....


  1. Here you go for your review:

  2. Each issue of this series is scanned there