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Monday, 17 April 2017

Plastic Man 4 - Plastic Man turns criminal

Dr. Dome is back yet again in Plastic Man 4 (May/June 1967), thanks to Drake and Mortimer.

This time around Dr. Dome enlists the help of Madame Merciless, who has some offensive African witch doctors working for her, who can hypnotize and control animals. She offers to place Plastic Man under her control, for Dome, although Lynx, Dr. Dome's daughter, suspects Madame Merciless will fall in love with Plastic Man, and keep the hero for herself.

Madame Merciless places Plastic Man under her hypnotic control at a costume party that Mike DeLute's mother is throwing. Mike is furious when he goes off with the woman, and follows him.

Plastic Man had only been pretending to be under Madame Merciless' control, in order to get evidence against her and Dr. Dome, but Mike and Gordy Trueblood mess this plan up. Lynx is on thee scene as well, as her suspicions proved correct, and Madame Merciless had fallen for Plastic Man.

Madame Merciless captures Plastic Man, and this time her witch doctors succeed in putting him under a spell. Plas goes along with Dr. Dome, committing crimes for him. Gordy and Mike follow, certain that Plas must once again be pretending. But he isn't. He only gets freed from the spell when the witch doctors get angry that Madame Merciless does not give them green stamps (for redeemable stuff, a big thing in the 60s) along with their pay.

Another unfunny issue. Dr. Dome takes a break and does not appear in the next issue, which means I can skip it as well!

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