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Monday, 17 April 2017

Plastic Man 7 - the son of Plastic Man

Drake and Mortimer reveal that, contrary to the cover blurb from issue 1, we have not been reading about the original Plastic Man at all, in Plastic Man 7 (Nov/Dec 67).

At the top of the story we see Plastic Man stop a trio of criminals dressed as playing card characters from robbing an art gallery. Gordy comment about this to Plas, only to find out that he hadn't been involved in the case at all. At this point, Plastic Man reveals to the reader and Gordy that he is really the son of the original Plastic Man. He briefly recaps his father's origin, making it mesh with the first of the three origin tales from issue 2.

He goes on to explain how his father married and had a son. The original Plastic Man kept a bottle of the chemicals he had fallen into lying around the house, which the son drank. This gave the second Plastic Man his powers.

Plaas brings Gordy to a retirement home, where both his father and Woozy Winks now live.

The retirement home happens to have a spring of water that gives people a huge amount of rejuvenating energy. I should also mention that this is the first appearance of Woozy Winks in a DC book.

Father and son Plastic Men join their sidekicks in dealing with the card based villains, who want to take over the retirement home to get the water from the fountain. Plas spikes the fountain with wine, and the criminals confess all their previous crimes.

A mediocre story, and a strange and unnecessary twist, that this is the son of the original Plastic Man. After this series ends, that notion would be dropped completely, and the Plastic Man that is seen from then on would be the original, showing no signs of age.

Still, the concept of Plastic Man having a son would return a couple of times, first in the Kingdom Come universe, with Offspring, and later in JLA.

Woozy Winks is not seen again until the 70s revival of this book.

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